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Eskdale - the "Poor Neighbour"

Although our region is best known for the beauty of the North Yorkshire Moors, visitors are constantly surprised to find more stunning country views in Eskdale. Running from Middlesborough in the West to Whitby in the East, this lovely valley has a beauty all of its own, and some excellent Moors and high points presenting truly panoramic views over the whole of the dale. Delightful villages nestle in the folds of the valley - Lealhom, Danby, and Castleton are a surprising joy to the casual visitor. Arriva Trains run a 4-trains-per-day service from Whitby to Middlesborough, and an attractive option is to take a train to one of the villages, and walk down the valley to another, catching the return train on the way back.

The River Esk wends it's way gently from the heights above Castleton, growing all the time until it emerges quite grandly in Whitby. Various villages along its route welcome visitors travelling by car, by train, or on foot, and there are many picnic places for a lazy lunch.
From the high points like Danby Beacon, the views are stunning, and one is able to look around 360 degrees, swinging from the sea, over the North Yorkshire Moors, up to the top of Eskdale, and back once more to the sea.

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